Okay you guys need to help me out. :)

What do I do? I am always hungry? I get hungry after like an hour of not eating. And its such a bad hunger like its horrible. D: I have been eating so so so much. And every hour I eat something. Do you guys think i should just try to wait will its my actual time to eat something. Or eat every hour. I am getting so frustrated I just want to cry D: Please help :) ?

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  1. smilewiththeresa answered: I would say focus on the food you are eating such as almonds, whole grain, those are makes me full
  2. hannahfish10 answered: maybe you could eat less on the times you normally eat and then use some of that food for a snack. like say you eat breakfast at 8;00 and lun
  3. lovingherownparadise answered: Drink some hot tea!! Your gonna feel full in no time :)
  4. sobangbangyoureout answered: have a little bit of self control. maybe you’re stressed, or extremely bored :( perhaps somethings nagging you at the back of your mind.
  5. blacckwater answered: This happened to me as well back when I used to eat 6 “small” meals, I solved it by bigger meals and eating until I almost burst&it works :)
  6. jessikerrunner answered: Not to sound silly, you probably have already thought of this. But are you getting enough protein? I have trouble with that sometimes :)
  7. trimthosecurves answered: Eat frequently! but eat a little. Also are you keeping busy during the day? Try leaving the house and being busy! Some distraction might help
  8. thinking-is-an-action answered: You could always try eating more filling foods with low calorie contents, ie rice cakes, in between actual meals
  9. karoleu answered: i think you should fight with your hunger, eat once for 3-4hours, girl you are my inspiration so keep going and be strong. have a nice day;*
  10. healthyloss answered: try eating 5 instead of 3 meals a day, works for a lot of people who have got the same problem and end up eating all the time :-)
  11. thin-and-fit-to-be answered: Try to get busy doing something, it work well for me. If you’re still hungry, drink a tea. If it still does not work, eat an apple. (:
  12. mirawaldorf answered: hey babe :) i have the same problem! drink lots of water and tea and have a snack every once in a while! :) xx
  13. letsgetshredded said: Eat! I had this happen to me yesterday and I tried to put it off and I ended up bloated and had stomach cramps…the minute I ate something it cleared :)
  14. colormesylverwoodandglass answered: I’m always hungry as well. Try drinking water, it makes you feel full, works for me ;).
  15. l-ittle-girl-lost answered: Make sure you’re eating dense foods that keep you full for a long time (wholegrain pastas, breads, rice, oats etc.)
  16. choose-healthy-over-skinny answered: I´d eat…I know that feeling and you really don´t understand what your body wants…write down what you eat and fill up on things you lack..
  17. lexie-new-me answered: What are you eating when you get hungry? How much are you training?
  18. calewhores answered: its fine to eat every hour, but make sure it is something healthy and it won’t do any harm <3
  19. fitnsexytill2013 answered: if you’re hungry than eat. it’s stupid to starve :*
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